Students deserve better, and we can do better.

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No one knows your students better than you.

Goode Education Group is for schools with progressive leadership who are interested in sustainable impact vs. quick-fix solutions.

GEG exists to make schools a powerful engine that moves whole families and communities forward. Whether working to improve student attendance or helping teachers enhance their instructional methods, our practical experience in teaching and administration makes for programs and tools that actually work. We’re the teachers who teach the teachers.

Our customized solutions for PK-12 professional learning include:

Student Engagement:

  • Differentiated instruction

  • Student-centered learning and relationship building

  • Student surveys with analysis and action

Parent/Community Engagement: 

  • Authentic and customized parent academies

  • Non-traditional methods of parent involvement efforts

  • Parent surveys with analysis and action

Teacher Engagement: 

  • Recruitment, on-boarding and retention

  • New teacher coaching and developing teacher leaders

  • Teacher surveys with analysis and action

One size does not fit all. Unlike our competitors, no school receives the same professional learning experience. GEG is unique just like your school, your students, your staff and your community.

New Offering!

Goode Education Group's New Teacher Support Program serves as a safeguard and a positive community that educators can depend on for guidance. Tools and tips are provided to retain teachers, and solutions are offered to help teachers recover from classroom challenges.

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